Sunday, June 9, 2013

Coming Home! A New Season of Ahmet's House to begin June 23rd!

Hello fellow adventurers of good music...Tony and some of the crew at WBKM have just returned from an eight day trek through Europe to help chronicle and enjoy the first four shows from Neil Young and Crazy Horse! Ahmet indeed would be proud, as the band played with a gusto and bravado fitting men half their age. So a little bit of Ahmet was felt and heard of during the days of walks and train rides and airports...from Berlin to the elegant City of Paris...from folks young and old alike.

Tony needs to catch up on some rest...of which there was none while away...and is working on new ideas for a return on Sunday, June 23rd with the first show of Season Six...all the more inspired and certain that this great House must grow and prosper.

Last Saturday evening in Paris...Tony...tired and glad to be heading home!

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