Saturday, June 22, 2013

"A new way, a new day...

...and new eyes to see the dawn". So goes the Stephen Stills classic...and it introduces my current state about this blog.

A new season in Ahmet's House brings a new dedication...a new perspective. Our world is sometimes so caught up in "new" that the word takes on a negative connotation. How do we grow, while still retaining the connection to the old, to the past. Our recent trip to Europe caused me to reflect on how America so easily disrespects the we constantly dig it up and rebuild on the graves of our ancestors.

Here in Ahmet's House, the goal is to live in the now...and yet never disconnect with the past. Ahmet and the greats of Atlantic lived for yesterday, today and the needs of the business clamored for newness, invention, discovery. But the roots held firm...roots of passion, quality, dedication...pain. Sorrow. Overwhelming joy.

This week we start a new season, and a new journey...building and reshaping...hope you come along for the ride. This has begun. It's not happening's happening now! Ahmet's House.

Thanks for reading and for listening! Your servant of the music, Tony Gallucci The House that Ahmet Built!

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