Sunday, May 27, 2018

Something’s Coming! Ahmet’s House returns Tonight

This night, this very special night we begin anew, with a brand new episode of great Atlantic Records music. Sorry it took so long but good things take time and this we hope will be a very good thing. Thanks for listening! And thank you Ahmet!

Song List:

Something's Coming---Yes (Live)
After the Rain---John Coltrane
Claudine---The Rolling Stones
Key to the Highway---Derek and the Dominos (with Intro by Bobby Whitlock)
So Begins the Task---Stephen Stills
Right Now---Manassas
If---Joni Mitchell
I Can't See New York---Tori Amos
Intro by BBC into Sweetness---Yes (Live)

As always, the podcast is available Here by about 10PM ET Sunday.  Thank you, Baruch!

You can also listen in via iTunes (free subscription!) at

Stitcher and TuneIn have also picked us have others...welcome! Ask Alexa to look for Ahmet's House! 

Thanks for listening! Your servant of the music, Tony Gallucci