Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rooted in the the Gospel songs of slaves...Ahmet's House!

In this season of renewal and rebirth...we look at the core of Atlantic's beginnings, it's we celebrate this most American label...founded by a Muslim, who worked with a Jew, to bring the gospel soul music of the blacks to white America and the world...join us again tonight, at 7PM celebrating a birthday of immense Ahmet's House.

Birthdays: Eric Clapton

Song List:

Smoke House Blues--Jelly Roll Morton
Where Can I Go But to the Lord?---Bunk Johnson
Nearer My God to Thee---Baby Dodds
Cross Road Blues---Robert Johnson
I Can't Quit You Baby---Led Zeppelin
49 Bye-Bye's---Crosby, Stills and Nash
Presence of the Lord---Blind Faith
I Feel Free---The Second Coming
Think---Aretha Franklin
Mean Old World---Derek and the Dominos
Old Landmark---The Blues Brothers (with James Brown)
Give Me Strength---Eric Clapton

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