Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baby, it's Still Cold Outside...Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, here we are tonight in Ahmet's House, and we are ready to celebrate a great birthday in the Atlantic family and the day we can all be Irish. Spring can't be far behind, but our thermometer is keeping us in the deep chill of mid-March. Let's come together with all the warmth of this great Atlantic catalog. You will be surprised what we found this week!

Arif Mardin
Songs tonight:

The Song Remains the Same---Led Zeppelin
Keep on Growing---Derek and the Dominos
Southbound Train---Crosby and Nash
Rock Steady--Aretha Franklin
Rock On--Kid Rock
Ain't Misbehaving---Ray Charles
When Irish Eyes are Smiling---Bing Crosby
This is the World Calling---Bob Geldof
Sweet Mystery of Life---Bing Crosby

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