Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cycles of the Seasons, Cycles of Ahmet's House

This evening in Ahmet's House, we welcome Spring to the northern hemisphere, and we say good bye to some who have enriched the life of this lonely planet. So for the friends who are making the journey to worlds unknown this week, and for those who have lost ones dear to them, some of the gentler side of the Atlantic Records catalog tonight in this great House. Tony, your host.

                                                                           Father, Son...

...and friend

Song List:

Equinox--John Coltrane
Broken Hearted---Eric Clapton
Lonely Nights---The Rolling Stones
That Lucky Old Sun--Ray Charles
The Firth of Fifth--Genesis
For All We Know--Steve Tyrell
Epitaph--King Crimson 

Tonight's show is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Frank Sinatra, Jr. Never easy to be the child of genius. Maybe now you and dad can spend some serious time together, without fear, without work.

The show is also dedicated to our personal friend Ozzy Giral, age 36, a Turkish born resident of Burlington, Vermont who blessed us with his smile, his grace and intelligence for the last seven years. A tireless supporter of WBKM and Ahmet's House, Ozzy will be missed by friends worldwide. Rest in peace my friend. Thanks for everything! Steak and wine will never be the same! 

As always, the podcast is available here Here by about 10PM ET Sunday.  Thank you, Baruch!

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Thanks for listening! Your servant of the music, Tony Gallucci

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