Sunday, January 12, 2014

Deep in the heart...Ahmet's House and its musical soul...

This night, this week, we have a focus on the partnership...the side by side parallel world of the man next to Ahmet...Jerry Wexler. For it all Jerry, we thank you...for your taste, passion and courage. When we say Rhythm and Blues, we think of you. When we say Aretha to Zeppelin, man, we think of you! Some important birthdays surround Jerry...and it's gonna sound great!

Now that's a dream team!

Birthdays: Jerry Wexler, Jann Wenner, Malcom Young, Jimmy Page, Tony Kaye

Song List:

Drinking Wine Spoo-Dee-O-DO--Stick McGhee
What I'd Say--Ray Charles
Let's Get an Understanding--Wilson Pickett
Think!--Aretha Franklin
Spanish Harlem---Ben E. King
Midnight is Here Again---Big Joe Turner
Reap What You Sow---Otis Rush
Breakfast in Bed---Dusty Springfield
Every Days---Yes
Daxed and Confused---Led Zeppelin

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