Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gifts...and the work of a lifetime...two very different perspectives tonight!

A prodigy and a gifted composer, singer and songwriter...two unique artists spotlighted tonight on Ahmet's House. Summer still slowly rolling on...let us take you into this great legacy tonight at 7PM. Connecting us's a thing we do together.

Birthdays: Erik Braunn (Iron Butterfly) and Jimmy Webb (pictured above)
Song List:

Long Way to the Top---AC/DC
Redneck Paradise--Kid Rock
Traveling Riverside Blues---Eric Clapton
Skylark---Jimmy Webb
Clear Days---Yes
Too Young to Die---David Crosby
Pensamiento--Manassas/Stephen Stills
Turnabout---Ornette Coleman
The Sun's Gonna Shine Again---Ray Charles
Dance to the Radio---Jimmy Webb
Termination---Iron Butterfly
I Can't Quit You Baby---Led Zeppelin

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(Note: Tonight's postings may take a day or two, as our engineer Baruch is moving! Thanks Baruch!)

Thanks for listening! Your servant of the music, Tony Gallucci The House that Ahmet Built!

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