Sunday, April 14, 2013

A special place...from Turkey to New's all Ahmet's House!

Celebrating great music, a few birthdays too...including this genius...all in this worthy house of great music...from Atlantic Records...through it's founder, Ahmet Ertegun. A special place...where the music is real...come join us!

Steve Howe

Birthdays: Steve Howe, Julian Lennon

Song List:

Mad Blues---Big Joe Turner
Achilies Last Stand---Led Zeppelin
Waterflow---Mott the Hoople
Clap!/ Mood For a Day--Yes (Steve Howe solo)
Valotte---Julian Lennon
Unlimited---Art Blakey
Starship Trooper---Yes (live)

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Thanks for listening! Your servant of the music, Tony Gallucci

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