Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Whole Lotta Love tonight in Ahmet's House!

Greetings fellow travelers! Tonight I will have the chance to share some of what went on in the Washington, DC boyhood "Ahmet's House" of Ahmet and Nesuhi, as I traveled there to attend another sensational jazz show at Ambassador Tan's residence. Jazz of course will be served up tonight too, supplemented by a hearty dose of rock n' roll, and perhaps a Christmas classic as well. Join us if you can for the live radio show tonight at 7PM EST, or check out the podcasts available below. Only on

Tony with the legendary Herbie Hancock!

Birthdays: Dave Brubeck, Gregg Allman 

In Memoriam...John Lennon...always...


Long Time Gone---Crosby, Stills and Nash
Rain---Gregg Allman
Ain't She Sweet---The Beatles
Respectable---The Rolling Stones
Whole Lotta Love---Led Zeppelin (live)
Truth is Fallen---Dave Brubeck
It's Not My Cross to Bear---The Allman Brothers Band
Gamblin' Man Blues---Champion Jack Dupree
Merry Christmas Baby---Otis Redding
As always, the podcast is available here  

You can also listen in iTunes (free subscription) at

Thank you for listening! Your servant to the music, Tony Gallucci

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