Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tom Dowd...a thank you tonight in Ahmet's House

Tonight in Ahmet's House, let's talk about a legend of the process of making records...on the anniversary of his birth. Tom Dowd, whose hand is seen in much of the greatest music of the past seven decades, and whose work is highlighted in Mark Moormann's beautiful documentary, "Tom Dowd and the Language of Music", is the subject of tonight's show. We talk with Mark about Tom and the process of making this fine film. Join us at 7PM.

Tom Dowd re-mixing Layla!


Keep on Growing---Derek and the Dominoes
The Story---Hank Crawford
Interview with Director Mark Moormann
Les Brers in A Minor---The Allman Brothers
Ain't No Way---Aretha Franklin
Giant Steps---John Coltrane
Dawn Ray---Ray Charles
Phases and Stages---Willie Nelson
Tale of Brave Ulysses---Cream

A podcast of tonight's show will be up Here by 11PM ET. As always, you can also listen in iTunes at

Thanks again to Mark Moormann ( for his remarkable work and for speaking with us today.

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