Friday, August 24, 2012

A Very Full Ahmet's House for August 26th, 2012

Can we contain it to an hour? Well, we just can' tonight we go 'til 8:30! TONIGHT...a conversation with the frontman and visionary of "Yes", one of rock's most recognizeable phone from his home in California, Jon Anderson! Goosebumps for sure...Of course, some great Yes music is a must. Then, we could never miss this birthday...celebrating Led Zepp's dynamic vocalist...all tonight on Ahmet's House...Legends! And now, catch us on iTunes right after the show!

Birthdays: Robert Plant, Tori Amos; Guest: Jon Anderson (via phone)

Song List:

Over The Hills and Far Away---Led Zeppelin
A Venture---Yes
A Conversation with Jon Anderson (Part 1)
A Conversation with Jon Anderson (Part 2)
Poor Tom---Led Zeppelin
Big Log---Robert Plant
Kashmir---Led Zeppelin

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