Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last Sunday in July, Ahmet's House

Welcome we are on another beautiful Sunday evening as we gather together in Ahmet's House. July almost tonight we celebrate some important birthdays in the Atlantic catalogue. Come on inside...everyone here is family. 7PM, exclusively on WBKM.

Pictured (l to r) Jann Wenner, Mick Jagger and Ahmet

Birthdays: Dino Danelli, Geddy Lee, Mick Jagger


The Girl I Love, She Got Long, Black, Wavy Hair---Led Zeppelin
Groovin'---The Rascals
Love the One You're With---Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Summertime---The Modern Jazz Quartet
Harlem Shuffle---The Rolling Stones
You Should Be Dancin'---The Bee Gee's
Blue Sky---The Allman Brothers Band
The Trees---Rush (Live)
Joe Turner's Blues---Eric Clapton and Wynton Marsalis (Live)
I Got the Blues---The Rolling Stones
Wandering Spirit---Mick Jagger

Show recording is available here Thank you one and all...and thank you Ahmet!

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